Who is the Class Flipper?

My name is Samoa Mithaq. My passport says that I’m Australian, but I believe I’m a global citizen. I was born in Laos, grew up in Korea, and educated in Australia and come from a Persian background. I have worked as High School math teacher in Macau, China and Korea. All of my full time teaching experience has been in international schools, working with students from all different backgrounds and different learning styles. After many years of being a traditional style teacher, and being comfortable with it, I started questioning my teaching practices and decided to make some changes. 

I currently work as a high school math teacher in Korea International School, teaching Precalculus, Calculus and AP Calculus AB. I practice flipped classroom in all of my classes but after having attended the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute, I realised I could take things further to try to make learning more meaningful for my students. So I started implementing Student Lead Project Based Learning in one of my classes. 

I enjoy exploring new and innovative ways of teaching with the use of technology and continually seek out ways to further myself by learning and collaborating with other educators. My purpose for this blog is to share with other educators some of my challenges, successes and methods of innovative learning.

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